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Yes, we groom cats

 Just because our name says "Puppy" does not mean we don't groom cats"

Cat Grooming Times:

Every other Thursday 9am- 2pm

or  call in if you need an accommodation.

Basic package includes: bath, blow dry, ear cleaning, nail cutting and brushing.

Lion cut includes: full clip blended into legs, neck/mane scissored and tail partially shaved, bath, blow dry, ear cleaning and nailing cutting.

We do require one groomer and an assistant to be present for cat grooming so please call the store for an appointment.  Prices vary and depend on cats size, coat length, condition of coat (if matted) and behavior.


Cats were  domesticated some 10 000 years ago.

There are some 500 000 000 cat owners.


Cats sleep up to 14 hrs a day. A cat has 95% DNA of a tiger.

Cats are able to run at 30 mph.

Cats have 30 teeth.

1 year of cat's life equals to 15 that of a human.

There are more than 100 cat breeds.

Seville Lutz - Ola Puppy

Lion cut - $85 with bath

Desheding - Starting at $65



Claws cut 15-20$

Pads & claws 20-25$

Ear cleaning 10$

The extra cost is resulted
when a cat is not cooperative and
assistance of another groomer is needed.

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