I'm Hansi

"Hello, my name is Hansi and this is my brother Seville. Just because our name says "Puppy" does not mean we don't groom cats"

Cat Grooming

Nails only - $15

​Basic package includes: bath, blow dry, ear cleaning, nail cutting and brushing.

Lion cut includes: full clip blended into legs, neck/mane scissored and tail partially shaved, bath, blow dry, ear cleaning and nailing cutting.

We do require one groomer and an assistant to be present for cat grooming so please call the store for an appointment.  Prices vary and depend on cats size, coat length, condition of coat (if matted) and behavior.


"Pss...do you want this look? talk to my stylist"!


love paw.jpg
Seville Lutz - Ola Puppy

We set aside 2 days a week for cats

Thursday mornings 8:30am - 1pm OR

Saturday mornings at 8:30 only

Hansi Lutz - Ola Puppy