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We first discovered Dawn and her team at Olà Puppy back in 2011. We had been in Canada a year and had yet to find a permanent groomer for Lily our Mini schnauzer after leaving the U.K. In the past Lily had found grooming distressing and was always agitated and anxious for several hours after a visit to a grooming parlour. We tried out several groomers with little success, so, when Dawn was recommended by a friend we drove from Mission to Pitt Meadows determined to find a groomer that Lily would be comfortable with. It soon became clear that Lily had bonded with the Olà Puppy team and we have become regular visitors over the years since then. Olà Puppy has proven itself to be not only professional and wonderful at achieving the cut and shape we expect from an award-winning groomer, but also proven to be both caring and affectionate to her furry customers.

Leaving Lily with the team is like leaving her with family as we know she will be well looked after and perhaps even spoilt!


Serena J. Trinder

Client since March 2011

Mission, BC.

Dog Grooming and Doggie Daycare Pitt Meadows


Dog Grooming and Doggie Daycare Pitt Meadows

Cody & Mason

Dog Grooming and Doggie Daycare Pitt Meadows

Cody & Emma

We found Olà Puppy on line October 6, 2010 and visited them every two months when we lived in Maple Ridge. Now we live in Kamloops but we still visit every time we come down to Pitt Meadows because Cody looks forward to going there. Dawn went above and beyond as a groomer and helped dog sit Cody when we had no where else to turn. Cody has social problems but loves visiting Dawn and meeting new friends when he is there. Olà Puppy is the only groomer that will feel confident leaving him with.

Peter and Jeanne Renn

Clients since October 2010

Kamploops, BC.

Dog Grooming and Doggie Daycare Pitt Meadows

Bruno and Heidi

When our Standard Schnauzer puppy Bruno needed his first clip I found a groomer that left him looking like he wore western chaps. After a few more bad clips I finally found Dawn who has show experience clipping schnauzers.  

Dawns experience with clipping is so precise due to her show experience where clipping to exact tight lines is essential.  I don’t show our schnauzers but it’s awesome to have them look the part. I feel so privileged to pick them up and have them look so fantastic.  When Dawn closed down her second shop in Langley, I didn’t hesitate to think about the extra time it would take to go to and from Pitt Meadows.  There just isn’t another grooming shop with the care and expertise.  We have two standard Schnauzers now and they can’t wait to get through Dawns doors. It’s definitely a love relationship they have with Dawn and her staff. For me, I love what Dawn does for grooming and clipping my puppies.

Jan Stamnes

Clients since March 2013

Langley, BC

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