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Full Groom Package

Includes: Full body haircut, clipping and scissoring to breed style, bath, blow dry, brushing and combing out, ear cleaning/ plucking (if required) and nail cutting.


Bath and Tidy Package

Includes: Bath, blow dry, brushing and combing out, ear cleaning and nail cutting, trimming feet, scissoring around eyes (breed dependent).

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Puppy Package (3 to 6 months old)

Recommended for puppies as early as 3 months old. Introduces puppies to the grooming experience and includes: Bathing, brushing, trimming of the feet, face and sanitary area, ear cleaning and nail cutting.


*Nail cutting - $15

*Nail grinding- $20

*Feet trim & nails - $22

(pads underneath)

*Ear cleaning - $5

*Ear plucking - $7

*Face trim only - $8 - $10

*Blueberry facial - $1

*Flea bath - $5

*Anal glands $10 - $15

*Bathroom clean-up fee - $10

(if your dog or cat pees or poops in crate - resulting in a extra bath)

*No show or Cancellation fee - $25

(Must give a minimum of 24 hours notice)


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Dog Grooming and Doggie Daycare Pitt Meadows MapleRidge PortCoquitlam



Seniors - 10% OFF the first WEDNESDAY of every month.

Refer a "Furry Friend" - Refer a neighbour or co-worker - you will receive $5 OFF your next grooming.

Loyalty discount - Come every 4 weeks or under and receive 10% OFF your grooming.

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Dog Grooming and Doggie Daycare Pitt Meadows Maple ridge port coquitlam

Creative Cuts

                          Feel like a change?  Just ask your                              stylist, we are more than happy to                              be creative!


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